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"Leica Formats"



These Leica Format files are written to be uploaded to a Leica TCR700 instrument to pre-format any downloaded data.

Each file is approx 500 bytes in size.

These files are freely available on an "as-is" basis.  No responsibility can be taken for any loss of data caused by the use of these formats.

If you have any ".frt" format files that you would like to share, please send them to me and I will post them here.

User-defined Format Files:

Filename Format Example Author
CSV(mm) Point No, Easting, Northing, Height 1, 123456, 234567, 45678 MRA
CSV(m) Point No, Easting, Northing, Height 1, 123.456, 234.567, 45.678 MRA
Angles Point No, HADeg, HAMin, HASec, VADeg, VAMin, VASec 1, 123, 45, 56, 88, 55, 33 MRA
Default GSI Station Co-ords (No, E ,N ,H)

No, HA, VA, SlopeDist, PPM-mm, Easting, Northing, Height

See Default GSI textfile MRA

Official Leica Format Files:

leica_formats.zip  (153 Kb)

This zip file contains 25 different .frt format files to download your data into ASCII, AutoCAD (DXF) or GSI format.

The software is Leica Freeware.  Please read the zipped "readme" files.

 **  Users should be aware that some formats are defined as "Northing, Easting"  ** 

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