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Link of the Month


An excellent low-cost high-performance solution to Website & Email Hosting.  The first 3 months are free and there's an optional free migration service to transfer your files/data/website from another Host!

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    Math Open Reference

A free source of Mathematic content.  Although aimed primarily at students, these pages are an invaluable reference for us older professionals who just can't remember what that formula was or even if there was a formula in the first place!

    Engineering Basics

Integrated Publishing's new section of Free Online Information

    Maths Revision

Co-ordinate Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus.

    Delaunay Triangles

Delaunay Triangles are the first step to understanding contours.

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Survey Programs

Programs useful in collecting, manipulating and presenting spatial data. 

The appearance of any software on this site is for reference purposes only and is not an endorsement of that product!

    Kubla Software

A UK based software company providing solutions for dredging and earthwork operations.

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Mobile Apps

These Apps have been suggested by visitors and can be found in the usual App Stores for the device...  Please let me know if you have any more.


   Local Scale Factor (Free)

A program by NRG. A useful tool in the UK to determine the Local OS Scale Factor. Search is either by Lat/Long, UK Grid coordinates or even Postcode.

Useful if you need to know how different your unitary-scale survey will differ to GPS scale.

   Cogo Survey Pro  (1.49)

This program can carry out several surveying tasks using data either uploaded or entered manually.  Subroutines include arcs, areas, intersections and even levelling.

    Co-ordinates (Free)

Real-time Latitude and Longitude of your current location in several formats

    GPS Plan (Free)

A display of the current satellites overhead (all systems) and for up to 24 hours in advance.  Useful for predicting Drone GPS coverage.


    Cogo Survey Pro  (Free)

This program can carry out several surveying tasks using data either uploaded or entered manually.  Subroutines include arcs, areas, intersections and even levelling.


iGrid is a powerful tool that enables you to see, add, edit and share locations and co-ordinates systems

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SurveyDrawing.net is dedicated to making Survey Drawings easier to produce.  The like-minded website offers advice and tutorials for Engineers in topics such as  AutoCAD, Excel, Google Earth, Calculators & Convertors as well as some useful free LISP routines.


    Free GPS Software

A website set-up to deal with Maps, Geography and GPS applications.  Includes a comprehensive list of Free GPS programs. 

    Haversine Formulae

Have you ever wanted to know the Bearing and Distance between 2 points on the surface of the Earth?  This page has all the formulae to be able to do it...

Visual Basic


Just Basic is a freeware programming language for Windows based on the classic BASIC language.  Download file is just 2.4Mb. [Download]

  Excel Spreadsheets


An online forum and useful source for surveying related Excel spreadsheets.  Thanks Khalid.


   CutePDF Creator

Create professional quality PDF files from any printable document.

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Engineering Companies (UK)

   Breckland Geomatics Limited

A land and engineering survey company based in East Anglia with experience in surveying small and large-scale construction projects.  Also CAA registered for the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones).

   AJ Burgess Setting-out

Andrew Burgess is a Site Engineer based in the North-West of England and has experience in Construction and Civil Engineering projects.

    Paragon Surveys

Based in North West England, Paragon Surveys is a multi-disciplinary survey company catering for private projects to client led developments.

    Williamson Technical Services Limited

WTS are a UK based company carrying out a wide range of industrial, structural, precision and dimensional surveys across the World.  The company is a leader in utilising the latest technology in niche markets.

    Arthur Hudson Site Engineering

Arthur Hudson Ltd is a new company supplying experienced personnel and equipment to assist in the Engineering, Supervision and Site Management of steel framed buildings in the UK.

    Severfield plc

The largest specialist steelwork contractors' Group of Companies in the UK.  Experts in the design, fabrication and erection of structural steel.


An independent service for buyers of newly built properties.  Don't be caught out by rogue house builders.

Forewarned is forearmed!

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Equipment Suppliers


    Leica Geosystems

The Equipment choice of the Professionals.  Expensive, but then Rolls Royces aren't cheap.

Some others you may interested in...

    Topcon (Europe)



Online Suppliers

    The Tape Store

The Tape Store is the UK's no.1 stop for all kinds of measuring tools for the building and construction trades. As well as an extensive selection of Tape Measures, the online store also supplies Distos & Lasers, Thermal Imaging Equipment, traditional Surveyors Levels and much more... 


Surveying equipment sales and hire including total stations, GPS, laser levels, laser measures and more.  Sales, hire, calibration and repair.

   M&P Survey Equipment Ltd

Supplying the Surveying, Construction, Civil Engineering & Safety Industries for over 30 years.  Hire, sales, service, repair and training.


PQS offers a quick and friendly service for equipment supplies and servicing.  Based in Leeds.  Topcon and Leica specialists.

    US Radar

US Radar is a technological leader in the design and innovation of ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems helping you to see what you can't see with the bare eye.


Established over 20 years ago, online since 2004 and open directly to the public since 2011, Tiger Supplies is the one stop shop for surveying and construction equipment in New Jersey, USA.  Choose from over 55,000 industry leading brand-name items.


US based Company providing Tools and Supplies for the Engineer, Architect, and Surveyor.

Plant and Machinery

    Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America

MCFA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of forklifts across North, Central & South America and the Caribbean, specialising in Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, Caterpillar Lift Trucks and Jungheinrich warehouse products.

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A large collection of high quality AutoCAD 3D solid models. (Such as forklifts, containers and scissor lifts).

   VBA enablers

The most recent VBA enablers can be found on the Autodesk website


A free 3D and surface utility for AutoCad.  The CadTools toolbox is developed for Civil Engineers.


The best free tutorials on the web


Cad related tips, tricks and downloads...


Commercial software design with free AutoCAD tips, downloads and news.

Import Point Software


Import points from text files.

3D Modelling

CSV to Contoured DTM


This program will convert a CSV file of x,y,z co-ordinates into a contoured surface model which can be exported to CAD.  It is ideal for checking site data quickly on low spec hardware.


SiteTopo is a quick and easy way to convert X,Y,Z into a surface model.  This program also generates contours and even has a "rain" function to analyse the surface fall.  The program is available for trial, but the full version is inexpensive.


3D point-cloud visualisation.  Creates an online DTM model from a CSV file.  Requires WebGL support (Use Google Chrome or Firefox).

File converters


InvestinTech have created a simple to use, professional looking program that can convert PDF files into Microsoft applications, such as Word & Excel and also into AutoCAD (DXF or DWG).  The PDF can be previewed and conversion areas are selectable.  There is a trial version available, but the full convertor is just $99 and comes with online support.


This is a high quality software application for converting raster based TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP files and scanned images into vector files suitable for CAD.

Other programs

    PDFJoin  (online)

This online utility will stitch together several PDF files/pages into one document.  Simply upload the files and download the joined PDF.

    PDF Split  (online)

From the same people that brought you PDFJoin, now you can split a document to re-arrange or extract a particular page.

   PDF Split & Merge  (offline)

PDFSAM is a free, open-source application which can be run directly from your computer without the need to go online.

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Education, Training & Careers


    The University of East London

My old Polytechnic as it is now.

   Engineering Resources

An interesting and informative collection of US based graduate engineering links.  From Aerospace to Wind Energy Engineers...

   Accredited Online Colleges

A guide to US accredited Engineering Colleges and Universities.


   Site Engineering Guide

An excellent collection of essential guides and information on being an Engineer on site.  Includes training tips, QA checklists and useful templates and standard forms.

Health and Safety

   RVT Group

The RVT Group provides environmental equipment for the effective control of dust, fumes, noise and air quality. They are able to provide site specific specialist equipment for hire or purchase. 

A recent whitepaper outlining the hazards of Dust can be seen here.



The World's largest professional network.

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Calculator Programming


    InSight Ver 1.2

A land surveying suite of software for the FX7400g+.  Requires an interface cable to install the full set of programs properly.  The website also includes access to a complete user guide to the software and other links.


Casio Programs Avenue

Several useful utilities for the Casio Calculator fan.

Hewlett Packard


The premier source of software for and information about the HP49, HP48, and HP28 RPN programmable graphic calculators and the HP38G, HP39G, and HP40G programmable graphic calculators, with 4403 files by 1295 authors and 855 screenshots totaling 238.61MB.

Other HP Links: (Thanks "aex")





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    PSION Programming Reference Guide

A web based programming guide for the Psion 3a and Workabout.

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Survey Organisations

    Land Surveyors United

The website "LandSurveyorsUnited.com" is a collection of resources for the Land Surveyor.  Photos, Videos, Forums, Jobs and Software.

    Become a Surveyor

The voice of the UK's Surveying, Geomatics and Underground Mapping Professionals.

    The Survey Association

Formed in 1979, the TSA represents the views and business concerns of some of the private surveying companies and suppliers in the United Kingdom.

    The Ordnance Survey

Britains National Mapping Agency.

    National Geodetic Survey

A wealth of information and available software for International users.

    Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors

UK Organization looking after the needs of the Civil Engineering Surveyor.

    The Royal Geographical Society

The UK's learned society and professional body for Geography.  It promotes, supports and enhances geographical research.

National Structural Organisations

    New Steel Construction

"A lively and up-to-date window on the Steel Construction Industry".

    The Concrete Centre

The Concrete Centre provides material, design and construction guidance. A useful resource of information on Concrete Education, Design, Fabrication and Erection.

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Internet Links

PDF Editors


An online PDF utility to join multiple PDF files into one document.  Useful for editing reports into one file.  See also PDFSAM above.


Another online utility that will remove Passwords and Locked features from PDF files.

Engineering & Surveying Websites


An excellent introduction to Geomatics - the Surveying side of our work.

A clean and well designed website that describes the roll of the Geomatics surveyor, updated with blogs and real-life stories.


An excellent place to find a wide range of Engineering resources.  Calculators, Downloads, Links and even cool Games.

Filesharing & Online Storage


Dropbox is a great tool for sharing files with others (or yourself) over multiple computers and devices.

Online Calculators

   Engineering Calculators

The official home of free online Engineering Calculators for mechanical, fabrication, moment & force engineering challenges.

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Ground Control

   Coordinate Transformation Tool (UK)

An online transformation tool from the Ordnance Survey to convert ETRS89 coordinates (Lat/Long or XYZ) to and from OSGB National Grid.

Post-processing GPS

   OS Net  RINEX data (UK)

Download recorded RINEX data from over 100 fixed stations throughout the UK. Data is in hour-long chunks and can be used to post process RTK GPS readings.

Photo stitching

   Agisoft Photscan

Agisoft Photoscan is a stand-alone software product that performs photogrammetric processing of digital images and generates 3D spatial data.  The standard licence is just $179. Really cheap compared to...


Pix4Dmapper automatically processes terrestrial and aerial imagery acquired by light-weight UAVs using its innovative technology based purely on image content.  The program is not cheap, but it is viewed as the industry leader.

    AutoCAD123 Catch

Turn ordinary photos into extraordinary 3D models.  The photo-stitching is carried out online by uploading images to the Autodesk server.

Point Cloud Analysis

   Cloud Compare

Cloud Compare is open-source.  It can be used to view & edit single point clouds or to compare two clouds of the same area for changes.

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After Hours

  Breckland Accountancy Services Ltd

I can highly recommend this firm of accountants based in Thetford, Norfolk, UK as I have recently required the setting-up of a new Limited Company.  Breckland Accountancy Services Limited has kept me personally up-to-date and yet has been truly professional throughout the ongoing process.

    Monty Python (Just the Words)

The complete unexpurgated scripts of the original TV series.  If you ever wanted to recite "The Dead Parrot Sketch", they're all here...

    Leeds United Football Club

The Best Football Club in the World.    (Probably...  maybe...   one day...)

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